She Speaks

A not-so wise man once said about me, “she’s a Dangerous Combination…a Black Woman with a brain.”…maybe he was wise after all!

20XXtheMagazine was birthed in the last year of my thirties.  I had played around with the idea of launching a magazine for many years, but for some reason this time seemed more pressing than the millions of other times before.  For some reason, the closer I got to 40, the more fearless I started to become. Therefore, ventures, projects and experiences that I previously put on the backburner were now arising inside of me like that burning and extremely uncomfortable sensation I feel when I eat the wrong things and trigger my acid reflux.

So there I was, summer of 2019, sitting in an office with two ladies who not only entertained my vision, but actually were eager to assist in helping bring it to fruition.  I was on a job where I had grown complacent and comfortable with just receiving a decent paycheck, despite the fact that I worked for someone who clearly despised me and didn’t value my contributions to the team.  My work environment actually fueled my ambition and lended to my voice. Being a single mother to an extremely intelligent, talented and precocious little girl lended to my voice. The sideline cheers of my sisters who knew about my vision not only fueled it but helped propel me to this moment.

20XXtheMagazine is for us.  It is a platform to celebrate the everyday Black woman who wouldn’t normally grace the cover or pages of another publication.  It is for the single mother that has a voice but feels she doesn’t have a place to be heard. It is for the little black girl who doesn’t know the extent of the magic that she possesses.

From cover to cover, in 20XXtheMagazine you will find content that touches every aspect of our lives; from our overall health to beauty and style to the relationships we hold most dear to our hearts.  We seek to inspire our readers, both women and girls, to be the best version of themselves.

Welcome to 20XXtheMagazine!

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