Thrifting 101 with TiffanyJ

1. Thrifting seems to be a new phenomenon. Is there a method to this madness? Do you have a strategy?
Well, for me, thrifting isn’t new. I was raised going to thrift stores like Community Thrift and The Sunshine Store with my mom, aunts, and grandmother. It was always something my family did, especially on Saturdays. Of course, now, I thrift not only for myself, but I look out for great items that I can resell. Thrifting most times means getting used items at a 70-90% mark down off retail price, but it also means, finding vintage treasures that would be one of a kind pieces for modern day. These vintage pieces aren’t always “cheap”, and I shop with many thrift resellers that mark up pricing of these fabulous finds. These type of clothing and jewelry help me keep a unique style that is hard to mimic genuinely.

2. Can I be honest? I feel kinda weird wearing other’s people’s clothes. Did you ever feel like that? If so how did you get past it?


I never felt that way. I think generally, people may have a phobia of used items. Some folks would rather have everything brand new from clothing to furniture. I honestly firmly believe in a man’s trash is another man’s treasure! I also celebrate the clearance rack in ANY store. Shopping out of season brings forth the most savings in brand new items if that’s your preference.


3. Do you have a favorite thrift store?

My favorite thrift store is Goodwill. Here in SC, I know the sale schedule to include dollar days and my favorite 50cent days. Occasionally, they will run a 50% off EVERYTHING sale, and you can not beat that.


4. What are some thrifting Do’s and Dont’s?

DO check for blemishes, missing buttons, spots, etc. It’s important that you understand these items were once used, so flaws should be expected.

DO have patience! You can’t thrift without it.

DO check the tags before reaching the register. Sometimes items are placed in wrong sections.

DO set a budget. Even though it’s “cheap”, you still don’t want to overspend. I often go in with $10 and that’s all you can spend.

DO shop on sale days.

DON’T go thrifting with a set look in mind. You buy what you find. You don’t go searching for what you’re missing.

DON’T return stuff. It’s my pet peeve to see people returning items to the thrift store.

DON’T go thrifting with a headache…. it’ll only make it worse.

5. What is the best thrifting tip that you can give us?

The best thrifting tip I can give is think about how what you currently have can be paired up with something you see in the thrift store. That way you create wardrobe possibilities before you leave the store.

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